Important Rules Of Lomography

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Lomography is a unique style of taking photographs, that isn’t just about picture-taking, but has encompassed a distinct lifestyle and worldview. This photographic style was first started in the 1990s when young people who were studying in Vienna discovered a Russian camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat, also known as the Lomo LC-A. Since then, lomography has become a worldwide movement, and if you’re curious or interested in joining the revolution, here are the 10 Golden Rules to help get you on board. 1. Take Your Camera Everywhere...

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Making Safety a Priority: The Electrical Contractor Safety Program Guide

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It is easy today to take the easy availability of electricity and its many benefits for granted. However, electricity is inherently dangerous in any application. Simply plugging into to a power outlet is the end result of a long and complicated process requiring the use of professional electrical contractors. To protect everyone involved in electrical installation, maintenance and repair, the Australian Trade Commission has developed a comprehensive safety guide. Principals involved with any aspect of electrical contracting should familiarise...

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Clean Your Whiteboard Using Everyday Products

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Whenever you write on the board with marker you have to find a way to get rid of the residue and ghost imaging that remains on the board even after you’ve wiped it. In a professional setting, you want to make sure your whiteboard is clean before each use, but store bought whiteboard cleaners can get expensive. Here is a list list of some everyday items that can help you clean any whiteboard. Hand Sanitiser You can clean the board using hand sanitiser and a cloth. Apply the sanitiser to the cloth and gently rub the area of the whiteboard...

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Can the Digital Internet Replace the Ethernet?

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The digital revolution is a amazing to most of us, but it has completely phased out certain aspects of everyday life. The American Based company Barnes & Noble is a prime example of how new technology can cripple an old juggernaut. Just as the CD replaced the cassette tape, the MP3 replaced the CD, because technology keeps marching forward. This raises certain questions about the future of the Ethernet and the more modern digital Internet. Technology Comes and Goes The term ‘data’ is commonly associated with Internet use. However, people...

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4 Ways to Improve Your Business Overnight

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There are a lot of things that can streamline and improve your business. No matter what product or service you sell, there are always ways to improve your relationships with your employees and your customers, and in business, these are what really count. Research shows time and again that business owners who take steps to take care of their employees and customers are more successful than those who only care about the balance in their bank account. Take the following steps to improve your business, and see your success skyrocket. Empower Your...

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5 To-Dos When Organizing a Bridal Shower

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Close friends and family will be put to the test when their best gal pal or relative gets engaged. It is they who must organize her bridal shower. Some brides even have multiple showers. Often, a bride will have one shower with her work friends and one with her social and familial group. If it’s you who is charged to organize the event, check out this to-do list to get you started. Get a guest list and send out invitations The first thing to do when organizing a bridal shower is to get a guest list from the bride. She will tell you who she...

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Elements of Modern Design That Add the WOW Factor to Your Home

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Modern interior design uses basic geometric shapes and a minimalist, non-cluttered approach. Done well, this technique can add an unforgettable WOW factor to your personal space. Classic, Clean Lined Entry Your home’s entryway is the promise of things to come. To keep with the geometric intent of modern design, that entry should be clean lined, almost minimalist in nature. The door should be the focal point. A set of double doors with polished hardware is even better. A stone-paved pathway leading from the curb to the door through...

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Planning A Wedding? What You Need and What You Can Skip

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When planning a wedding in a large city like Sidney, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Sydney is as expensive as any major city out there and everything is marked up for a wedding. So there’s no way to not spend at least some money on certain aspects of a wedding. However, it’s most important to spend money on the right things. Below are a few of the most important things to spend money on for this special day, as well as a few you should avoid wasting your money on. The Location This is worth spending a little extra...

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Printer Repairs That You Can Do On Your Own

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Before you go looking for a printer repair service, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind. If you suddenly find that your printer has stopped working or is giving you problems, there are a number of basic repairs that you can make on your own without the help of a professional service technician. The following methods are not only great for getting your device back up and onto its feet as quickly as possible, but they can also save you both money and time. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking a printer to a...

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The Many Possibilities of Canon Printers

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As technology keeps progressing, almost every area of industry and manufacturing is becoming more streamlined and more advanced.  In the old days, printers used to be able to print with black ink and printed on paper rolls that had to be torn once the printing job was completed.  Now, printers themselves are as advanced as computers used to be, and there are many possibilities when it comes to printing that are available to the average household. The Two Kinds of Printing Printers available to the average person are divided...

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